The Easiest European and Asian Universities to Get Into

When one talks about quality education, they always explore the mainstream options of studying in the US, Canada, UK or Australia. These places are popular study abroad destinations. However, many places in Europe and Asia offer high-quality education.

These universities are very easy to get into. If you are looking for easier options, the following universities and countries should be on your list.

Countries with the Easiest Universities to Get Into


Over the years, Germany has become one of the most popular study destinations. The country offers the opportunity for studying for free if you tend to learn the language. As a result, many people worldwide are planning to make the most of the country’s opportunities.

All you have to do is learn the language and become aware of German history, lifestyle and culture, making your college experience worthwhile. Some of the easiest universities to get into are as follows:

University of Bonn

The University of Bonn has no tuition fees. In fact, the tuition fee is subsidised by the German government. If you are looking for a low-cost undergrad and postgrad experience, then the University of Bonn is the place to be. It offers courses and programs both in English and German. It has an acceptance rate of 100%, making it the easiest University to get in. Its requirements are very minimal. However, you need to give your IELTS, TOEFL and a German Proficiency exam to qualify for the course. But, the scores for the exams are not as high as they are usually.

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Jacobs University

Jacobs University is one of the biggest universities for international students in Germany. It provides excellent and high-quality education that meets all international standards. The minimum grade to get into Jacobs University is a C grade. Also, you do not require an SAT score.


This European country is cheap and extremely beautiful and is not a bad option if you are looking for a much more adventurous place to study.

Central European University

Central European University is famous for providing courses that are entirely in English. The University is located in the heart of Budapest, which provides you with the true Hungarian experience. The Central European University has a minimum requirement of a C grade and a CGPA of 2.5, making it one of the easiest universities to get into.

Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Budapest University of Technology and Economics has recently gained momentum. The University is known to be giving out scholarships to international students. It has a reputation for offering high-quality education in economics and related fields. The minimum grade for Budapest University of Technology and Economics is C. Still, people who have a D letter grade also get in without a scholarship.


Austria is the historical, cultural and artistic capital of the world. Its beauty often attracts many students to study there. However, it is not only its culture that’s appealing but also its public universities.

University of Vienna

The University of Vienna is the largest and cheapest public University in Austria. It is ranked as number one in the country. The University is extremely cheap and offers programs in various disciplines.


Turkey has recently entered the world stage for international education. It aims to become an academic capital for university students. While Turkey has always had many educational institutions to look into, it has only recently opened its doors to international students.

TED University

TED University is a young and dynamic university. Although the University has existed since 2012, it has only recently opened its doors to international. Since its new, its acceptance rate is 100%. You can easily secure admission and a scholarship regardless of the grades you tend to get. All you have to do is apply early, and you are good to go.

Antalya Bilim University

Antalya Bilim University is located in Antalya. Just like TEDU, Antalya Bilim University is new to internationals. The minimum requirement for getting into the University is a C.

Don’t Forget to Think About the Process

Choosing where to go for college can be a difficult decision. You must make sure that you research all the possible avenues there. As the world has become more and more globalised, people are taking advantage of the various educational opportunities.


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