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How to Create Your Own Online Store

In this article are step by step guidelines on how you can Create your own online Store and start making money? After you’ve worked things out, the next step is to set up an internet store. (Online Store)

How to Create Your Own Online Store

When opposed to making sale on Esty, creating an internet store appears to be a demanding undertaking. However, these websites eat into your income and prevent you from freely expressing your brand. Your online store serves as digital home for your brand as well as assisting you in becoming more successful over time.

Shopify on the other hand is the easiest internet store to get started with. It has a beautiful storefront, built-in hosting, nice themes that prioritize your images and other beginner friendly sales and marketing tools for a tiny monthly price of §29 per month. Shopify offers also a free trial that allows you test the waters before committing to a plan. When you’re ready, you may use its domain registration tool to purchase your website domain and link it to your shopify store.

Make a Logo for your Company

The most direct way to impact how customers feel about any business whatsoever is to create a brand identity.

Begin by taking high-resolution product photos. Make sure your candles shape, texture, color and label are all visible in your photos. You may either engage a Shopify Expert to shoot your photos or use your smartphone to capture high-quality shots.

Next, create a brand narrative. This is a story that helps people understand and remember your brand. Candle brand tales are often sincere, compelling and human. People should be moved by your narrative and want to learn more about it.

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To find your tale, consider the following questions:

Why did I decide to start producing candles?

Who am I trying to reach, and what effect do I hope to have on them?

What kind of market reputation do I want to have?

Promote your Candle Company

Like every other market niche, there’s a lot of competition for attention in the candle market, you’d have to think of new ways to get more people to notice your items. For one thing, candles were built for social selling, so you’ll need to use platforms like Snapchat and Instagram as well as other digital media to bring visitors to your Shopify websites and individual product pages.

Consider the following channels and suggestions:

Pinterest: this platform is one of the most popular platforms for discovering new items and brands. As a result, candlemakers should think about pinterest while planning their digital marketing approach.

Instagram: Lots of candle companies have found considerable success crafting a gorgeous instagram feed. Build a large following by staging images of your candles to show off to others. You may also use instagram to show how you produce your candles from behind the scenes.

Giveaway and competition: You can utilize some of your products as prizes in a series of giveaways as part of your social media marketing strategy. These promotions can not only help you raise brand awareness, but will also allow you demonstrate how well your candles operate.

Promos and Sales during Holidays: Candles make wonderful giftd for friends and family. That’s why demand always spikes during the holidays, especially around Valentine’s Day and Thanksgiving.

Allow your Business to be fueled by Smells

If you’re really following this article, you should by this time figure out how to make money by selling candles online. You can work toward building an income stream with a popular item that people love to buy.


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