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Best Paying Jobs in the Healthcare Sector In Nigeria

Best Paying Jobs in the Healthcare – The health sector offers a number of well-paying careers and sustainable employment opportunities. In addition to good pay, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that some medical professions will grow by 32% in 2018-2028, far exceeding the overall national employment growth forecast.

Best Paying Jobs in the Healthcare Sector In Nigeria

The healthcare sector also offers different roles. In addition to working as doctors and nurses, health professionals find jobs such as pharmacists, scientists, and medical operators. These useful medical professions help poor areas such as rural areas or high-poverty cities.

The following is a list of the highest paid jobs in the medical field. Salary varies based on educational attainment and years of experience. Read on to find out more about the highest best paying jobs in the healthcare sector in Nigeria.

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Best Paying Jobs in the Healthcare Sector In Nigeria

Below are some of the Best Paying Jobs in the Healthcare Sector:

1. Surgeon

Salary rates for surgeons is approximately between N400,000 – N2,500,000.

The Role of a Surgeon

A surgeon is a medical physician that treats diseases, injuries, ailments or defects through operation, this is done to restore,repair and improve damaged body tissues or treat a particular disease. A surgeon handles a patient’s diagnosis , performs an operation, and prepares the patient with postoperative care after the surgery. Apart from handling surgical operations, a surgeon leads a team of doctors, nurses, anesthesiologists, surgical assistants in the Medical body.

Different types of Surgeons exist in Nigeria and they all earn well. Though, there is an increase in demand for cosmetic surgeries in the country and the interchangeable scarcity of plastic surgeons has made plastic/cosmetic surgery the highest paying surgical profession in Nigeria.

How to Become a Surgeon

To become a surgeon in Nigeria, one has to study Medicine and surgery in any approved institution of the National Universities Commission which will undertake a duration of six years, then undergo a one year housemanship and National Youth Service exercise . Medicine and Surgery is one of the most competitive courses in Nigeria, therefore, aspirants must endeavour to perform well in Senior Secondary School certificate examination and other relevant examinations.

2. Oncologist

An oncologist earns an average of N530,000 a month.

The Role of an Oncologist?

An oncologist specializes in treatment of malignant growth (cancer) and gives clinical therapy to those diagnosed with the disease. Branches oncology have three significant zones which are: clinical, surgical, and radiation therapy.

How to Become an Oncologist

To become an oncologist requires additional research work to the seven years of MBBS in Nigeria.

3. Anesthesiologist

The salary rate of an Anesthesiologist in Nigeria is between N173,000 and N549,000.

The Role of an Anesthesiologist

Anesthesiologists overseas screening of medical procedures during and after operation. They conduct sedation, regulate the Anesthesia Care Team in order to guarantee the patient security.

How to Become an Anesthesiologist

To become an anaesthesiologist,a MBBS degree is required from an accredited university.

4. Pharmacist

A freshly inducted graduate of pharmacy earns about N120,000 to N180,000 per month.

Role of a Pharmacist

A pharmacist is one of the medical professions that specializes in the safe and productive use of medicines. A pharmacist coordinates the use of drugs to ensure that the drug prescribed is legal and with the right dose. A pharmacist pilots the supply of drugs and offers medical advice to patients and collaborates with other medical professionals to save lives.

How to Become a Pharmacist

To become a pharmacist involves studying pharmacy in any accredited University in Nigeria. This course in Nigerian university is a five-year course that will earn a Bachelor of Pharmacy (B. Pharm). After which one can proceed to a one year internship and be inducted into the Pharmacist Council of Nigeria.

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5. Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist earns about N160,000 –N849,000 per month.

The Role of a Psychiatrist

A Psychiatrist monitors the well being of one’s psychological and physical health. They make an analysis and work towards recuperation . A psychiatrist offers mental treatment by recommendation of prescriptions and techniques.

How to Become a Psychiatrist in Nigeria

Psychiatry is a branch of medicine,therefore an MBBS certification is needed.

6. Dentist

An average salary of a dentist in Nigeria is N250,000 per month.

The Role of a Dentist

Dentists analyze and treat dental issues and assist patients in growing better oral cleanliness . They perform teeth cleaning and extractions. They also perform diverse obligations to guarantee and healthy living of the teeth and mouth .

How to Become a Dentist

To become involved earning a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree in Nigeria which takes 6 years.

7. Medical Doctor

A Medical Doctor can earn about N180,000 –N1,500,000 per month (depending on area of specialization).

The Role of a Medical Doctor

A doctor is a medical practitioner that applies the principles and procedures of medicine to prevent, diagnose, care for and treat patients with illness, disease and injury in order to maintain physical and mental health.

How to Become a Doctor

To practice medicine in Nigeria, requires studying medicine in any accredited university in Nigeria for five years, undergoing a one year housemanship and being inducted.

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