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Best High Paying IT Jobs In Nigeria

Best High Paying IT Jobs In Nigeria – It is no longer news that Information Technology is another gold mine in Africa, especially in Nigeria. This is not really a job that requires a degree, it is a job that requires your skills.

Best High Paying IT Jobs In Nigeria

With the right skills, there are plenty of opportunities for technical professionals in today’s job market. Whether you are an application architect or data security analyst, highly qualified IT professionals are in high demand.

IT companies are unique in that they allow employees to go to the office wearing jeans and shirts. As long as you can deliver on the job, no one cares what you wear.

Acquiring social skills such as communication, organization, analytical skills, creativity, perseverance, curiosity, and problem-solving skills will increase access to these high-paying IT jobs in Nigeria.

According to Investopedia, Nigeria’s most popular information technology jobs include system analysts, web designers, front-end engineers, back-end engineers, software developers and product managers.

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Best High Paying IT Jobs In Nigeria

Now let’s quickly outline some best paying IT jobs in Nigeria.

1. Software Developer

An average salary of a software developers in Nigeria ranges from N134,000 to N400,000

Role of a Software Developer

Creating a Software involves a set of activities such as : creating, designing, deploying and supporting a software. Software developers create computer programs, they also supply solutions to emerging digital problems by analyzing, designing, testing and developing a software that solves this particular problem. Software developers also create an application system and ensure it’s smooth running .

How to Become a Software Developer

Becoming a software developer requires a degree in computer science . And a knowledge of at least one programming language and the zeal to expand one’s horizon. Software development is one of the evolving professions in the world,though there’s a caveat but exposure to emerging knowledge keeps one at the top.

2. IT Analyst

An IT analyst in Nigeria earns between N176,000 – N492,000 monthly.

The Role of an IT Analyst

An IT analyst also known as systems analyst, provides technical support to IT users by creating, designing and implementing systems to increase their efficiency. An IT analyst guide the execution of software projects by managing programmers, software developers and other related technology professionals in order to ensure that the design is properly executed within the stated budget.

How to Become an IT Analyst

Being a data analyst in Nigeria, engages skills related to analytics, mathematics, statistics and computer science and business intelligence.

3. Graphic Designer

An average graphic designer in Nigeria earns about 200,000 per month.

The Role of a Graphic Designer

A graphic designer creates design concepts using a particular computer software or by hand. The major role of a graphic designer is creating visual imagery that appeals to a customer’s desire. In creating this designs,a graphic designers uses tools like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw Graphic Suite, Adobe InDesign, Inkscape, canvas etc. to create fonts, shapes, colours, images, print design, photography, animation, logos, and billboards for the promotion of a brand or firm.

How to Become a Graphic Designer

To become a graphic designer entails developing graphic designing skills using the above mentioned tools or software for training in any licensed computer training centre or taking an online course that is geared towards graphic designing. It is necessary to have a portfolio that shows your creativity and originality as a designer.

4. Digital Marketer

A digital marketer earns between N148,000 to N350,000 monthly.

The Role of a Digital Marketer

The internet has become a source of income in the labour market, therefore, a digital marketer handles the development, implementation and management of marketing campaigns that promotes a company, its products and services. Majorly, a digital marketer duty is stirred towards making a company’s online activity unified with its offline activity. through Content creation, search engine optimization, tech team coordination and social media management .

How to Become a Digital Marketer

Becoming a digital marketer requires knowledge in marketing. Some hiring companies prefer experience over certification when hiring digital marketers. Taking an online course in digital marketing can help in magnifying one’s skill.

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5. Social Media Influencer

Using social media to access different consumers and clients has since made social media influencers earn more money through sponsored posts, though there is no fixed amount. In Nigeria, micro-influencers in Nigeria earn N20,000 to N50,000 per sponsored post, while macro-influencers earn from N300,000 to N600,000 per sponsored post.

The Role of a Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers are considered breeds of 21st Century technological advancement. An influencer possesses power to influence the purchasing decisions of others due to their knowledge, position, or relationship with their social media audience.

How to Become a Social Media Influencer

To become a social media influencer, one must have a niche, actively grow his/her audience, constantly engage his/her followers with relevant and constant content, indicating the type of account owned , making your contact details legible on your page for easy access.

And if brand deals aren’t coming, a social media influencer can either sign up to an influencer management company and message brands directly to indicate partnership interest.

If you need us to help you with more updated information about the Best High Paying IT Jobs in Nigeria, kindly feel free to ask any question in the comment box below, thanks.


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