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6 High Paying Professional Jobs You Can Train For In Nigeria

High Paying Professional Jobs – Regardless of the acclimating Nigeria’s poverty rate, a great number of Nigerians are earning well from their chosen field. The high paying professions have proven to earn in millions hereby resulting in their competitive nature.

6 High Paying Professional Jobs You Can Train For In Nigeria

These high-paying jobs in Nigeria are vehemently backed by education (course of study, certification etc.), skills and experience. And these jobs are cut across multinationals, public and private companies as well as businesses.

6 High Paying Professional Jobs You Can Train For In Nigeria

This article vividly discusses the best paying jobs in Nigeria.

1. Investment Banker

One of the sectors who have attractive salary rates is the financial sector. For investment bankers , their salary rate is approximately N300,000 – N500,000 monthly.

Role of an Investment Banker

Investment bankers act as government, companies and agencies middleman, they aid raise funds through loans and stock exchange. Investment bankers supervise capital investment. an investment banker can work in hedge funds, private, commercial and investment banks, asset management agencies, consulting firms .

How to Become an Investment Banker

Here, no specific degree is required, so there’s liberty to be an investment banker.

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2. Accountant

Accountants in Nigeria earn between N140,000 – N1,500,000 monthly.

Role of an Accountant

An accountant functions in preparing and reviewing financial records, auditing an establishment’s books and records to ensure accuracy. An accountant also ensures that taxes are filed appropriately and that companies cooperate with the appropriate financial regulations in order to achieve smooth running of their business.

How to Become an Accountant

An accountant must be a graduate of accounting in any accredited institution. An accounting program in any Nigerian Universities usually lasts for four-year, after which a professional certification from accounting recognized bodies such as : ICAN, ANAN, CIMA and ACCS is required to work in a bank or a renowned company.

3. Lawyer

Although, being a lawyer isn’t a financially enticing profession, lawyers in standard firms earn N150,000 to N1,100,000 monthly.

The Role of a Lawyer

Lawyers are also known as an Attorney, Barrister, Notary and a Counsellor. Lawyers provide legal advice and assistance, They acts as prosecutor or defence attorney in court by gathering concrete details of an event, they prepare legal documents (wills, contracts, wills ).

How to Become a Lawyer

To become a lawyer in Nigeria,one must first bag a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from any accredited university. This course last for five years, after which a year is spent in the Nigerian law school before becoming a certified member of the Nigerian Bar Association.

4. Architect

An average architect in Nigeria earns from N199,000 to N652,000 per month.

The Role of an Architect

Architects create structures that are practical, sheltered, feasible and pleasant to the eyes.

How to Become an Architect

To become one demands a degree or Diploma in Architecture from any ARCON/NIA and NUC accredited institution .

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5. Sailor

A sailor in Nigeria earns about N200,000 – N1,400,000 per month.

The Role of a Sailor

A sailor controls the movement of traveller boats, tankers, and big haulier ships, exploring maritime vessels and helping with the support, activity, and administration of these vessels.

How to Become a Sailor in Nigeria

To become a sailor,a basic training must be obtained from the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Oron or any of the accredited private maritime academies scattered across the country.

6. Aircraft Pilot

Salary rates for pilots: monthly earning of a First Officer ranges from N200,000 to N500,000 per month, while captains earn about N500,000 – N3,000,000.

Role of a Pilot

A pilot or an aviator is a person who controls the flight of an aircraft. Pilots fly and navigate aeroplanes, cargo planes, helicopters and other types of aircraft. Pilot are responsible for the safe landing of passengers and goods transported as well as managing the crew team.

How to Become a Pilot

To become a pilot in Nigeria will cost a lot of money; due to flying courses in Aviation schools which charges about N7million to N10 million. Moreover,it takes four years to complete training in any approved aviation school in the Federal Aviation Authority system.

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